why does my zebco 11 micro spincast reel stop the line from going out?

this is my sons reel, and it seems 2 outa 3 times it fails to cast, or when it does cast, the line goes about 20-30 feet and stops, dropping the lure well short of the desired target area. I know, I know, go get a spinner reel, and I have one, but like I said, this is for my 7 year old boy, any suggestions on why it does this? and how I can fix it?

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4 thoughts on “why does my zebco 11 micro spincast reel stop the line from going out?

  1. The Zebco 11 is a nice little reel for ultralight fishing, but it has a small spool and limited line capacity. The most likely reasons for your problem are:

    (1) Enough line has broken off through use, so that you no longer have sufficient line left to fill the spool. This significantly increases line friction and cuts distance. The 11’s spool need to be fairly full to get any casting distance.

    (2) You line is old and kinky, hampering free-flow casting ability

    (3) You may have filled the spool with too heavy a line, which will cut down casting distance significantly. Heavy line is thicker and stiffer and will not cast well in a small reel such as this. The 11 Micro should be filled with 4# or 6# line maximum.

  2. Well, in order to rule out the obvious, check to see that you have more than 20-30 feet of line on it. Please don’t take that the wrong way. :)

    Another thing that can happen with those type reels is the line can get either knotted or pinched on itself inside the reel. Take the cover off the reel and pull the line out until it stops. From there you can look at the spool to find out what the problem is. It’s probably best to just take all of the line off and replace it. That will most likely cure it.

  3. Line twist is the usual suspect for the Zebco enclosed spincast reels. They are famous for it! The best fix is to put new line on the reel. A second best fix is to run the line out to the end and untwist it manually. You can untwist mono line by running it all the way out then pinch the line between your thumb and forefinger as close to the reel as you can and just run your pinched fingers down the line repeatedly.

    Another method of removing the twist from mono line is to troll it behind a boat with no weight at all on it.

    Zebco reels are great for kids but they do have their problems.

  4. Try stripping the line and putting a smaller like the guy above me said. Probably a Stren 6lb test will do it. If that doesn’t work try taking it back for a refund. Or you could just have the spool with too much line on it.

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