3 thoughts on “will a good depth finder identify stumps in a lake that you normally wouldnt see?

  1. Yes ! and many other things, like thermocline, brush piles, channel breaks, underwater weed beds, etc.
    The trick is learning how to read your screen and be able to determine what the unit is showing you.
    If it is a good one! You will find lots of things you never knew where down there before.
    Right now I have Lowrance LMS 332C on my bow, LMS 520 at the helm and both a networked.
    My dream unit would be one of the new Humminbird side scan units, they are unbelievable in what they show!

  2. Yes, but the key is a GOOD depth finder- My friend bought one of the side scanner fish finders and you could cast a small beetle spin and reel it toward the boat and the unit would show the blades turning on the lure. We also located an underwater net that showed up on the screen ( you could actually see the mesh of the net on the screen and the fish swimming inside of the net. My unit would show none of this. I know what my next brand of depth finder will be.

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