winter largemouth bass fishing !?

Can somebody give me some tips ? Me and a friend of mine decided to enter a tournament this fall . We have cought a few but…. The last couple of tourneys we’ve been skunked . We’ve been seeing the fish on the finder but can’t get them to bite . We have tried every thing in our boxes – jigs,grubs,worms,dropshot with 3” worms,spoons every type of crank you can think of and still, no bite !The water is cold about 35 F. , The fish are about 20-30 ft. Other people have been bringing them in though . THANKS
Cant use live bait in tourney .

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6 thoughts on “winter largemouth bass fishing !?

  1. use bigger baits, instead of using that 3 inch worm try a 6 inch worm. work your baits slow, and with a jig, try using a black and red one with rattle, and a big meaty trailer. make sure you DRAG it slowly along the bottom. if you can find rocks, the water temp will be a little higher down there. try using a 5 inch swimbait, retrieving it slowly along the bottom.

    just remember two things, bigger baits and smaller retrieves.
    oh and mark k, you are not allowed to use live bait in tournaments, although it is the best way to catch them this time of year.

  2. The main tip is fish s-l-o-w, very slow at times. My favorite bait to throw in cool water are jigs. Preferrably 3/4 ounce or 1/2 ounce with a nice big trailer and rattle. A lot of people will say you want to size down your baits, which is true in some cases but not for baits like jigs. Bass are very slow moving in the Winter and if they go for a bait they want it to be well worth it. They won’t tend to chase down baits like they do other times of the year which is why a slow retrieve is a pretty vital. They’ll also generally be holding fairly deep as you mentioned so you of course want to give whatever you are using time to fall down to that deeper water. So again, a jig is my go to bait in the winter.

    Second. if you haven’t tried any rattle traps I’d strongly suggest it. I’ve pulled out more fish on these in cool water than I have on the jigs, they just don’t tend to be as big. You can cover a lot of water with these and fish the however you want, they’re very versatile. I like letting them sink until they hit bottom then use a stop and go retrieve with a twitch or 2 in between. They have loads of different colors and sizes so buy a few and experiement. Remember, GENERALLY in stained water a darker color will do best and in clear water a lighter/natural color will do best. But for some reason in Winter I’ve pulled a lot more fish out on a crawfish color in any water clarity. That would be my 2nd choice.

    Lastly, if neither of those were producing I would bust out my bigger plastic worms. 10 inch and even 12 inch Texas rigged worms have done nicely for me in the past. I tend to stick with the Culprit brand worms and occsionally Berkley Powerbait worms. As I said I like Texas Rigging best but a lot of people will Carolina Rig and Drop Shot like you said. Im not sure of the brand but there’s some pretty neat hooks that come with rattle on them that I like to use this time of year. When you’re fishing in water as cold as you are you need all of the “extra” stuff you can get imo like extra noise, flashy/flakey materials, and scents.

    It’s strange you didn’t get any fish in the boat with that broad of a selection. I’d suggest switching up colors, sizes, retrieves, etc next time you’re out. The smallest change can make the biggest difference. Just experiement, you’ll find something that they’re wanting to take.

  3. If you have water that cold you should be throwing suspended jerkbaits. They will look like a dying baitfish. Basically cast one out give it 2 snaps and wait a bait. The longer you can wait the better. When the water is below 45 degress the fish become very lathargic. You will be surprised at how good suspended jerkbaits work.

  4. If the lake you’re fishing has trout in it, consider tossing six to ten-inch swimbaits. Since the fish are deep, a bigger fast-sinking one would be best with a long cast and slowly brought back in.

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